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Roof Panel

China Wing roof panel is a self-supporting metal panel system insulated with rock wool, which supports roof applications that require a higher level of fire resistance.

China Wing Engineering Limited manufactures the roof panel in according to a patented system. It consists of a profiled external steel sheet and an internal micro-ribbed steel sheet, with an insulation core of oriented high-density rock wool fibre. These are arranged perpendicularly to the plane of the panel positioned in the strip, laid longitudinally with offset joints and transversely in a way to completely fill the space between the metal facings.

China Wing’s roof panel is composed of profiled steel covering shells enclosing a core of polyurethane rigid foam. PU foam is a high-density material with a good insulation performance. Thickness ranging from 100-150mm depends on the requirement. With a series of fixing clips that clip each panel securely to the adjoining panel, the installation time is reduced. To conclude this system provides:

  • High aesthetic quality
  • Increased mechanical strength
  • Protection of fastenings
  • Absence of external holes in the roof
  • Ease of installation