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Megatec G3 

Megatec G3 SUPERWALL is a self-supporting insulated metal panel system consisting of a continuous core of  HCFC free polyurethane rigid foam with a hidden fastener that gives better quality and aesthetical view. It is widely used for industrial and commercial buildings and it also can be used as the internal building partitions with FRR fire resistance standard.

Megatec G3Sandwich Wall Panels have passed the fire testing of BS 476 part 4:1970 as non-combustible material.

Self-supporting insulated metal panel for industrial and commercial roofs with a slope of ≥ 3% consisting of a corrugated sheet with profiled ribs and a micro-ribbed panel connected together by a layer of the continuous core of HCFC free polyurethane rigid foam.

The sides of the panels are shaped to ensure that two panels laid side-by-side create:

  • Concealed fixing with integral roof clamps in the longitudinal joint and approved stainless steel fastener.
  • A clip joint by means of flexible fixing clip.
  • A channel for collecting any water ingress.
  • A safety joint between the panel