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Established in 1989, China Wing Engineering Limited is a civil engineering company which specializes in structural steel works, proprietary roof cladding systems and wall cladding systems. Our company has maintained an excellent reputation for providing high quality products and services in the industry. With the steady growth of our business, China Wing has entered the mainland China market in 2000 and has since then served both the public and private sectors. Today, China Wing Product Series are used in a variety of large-scale projects including roof, wall and steel structure design and installation works. The diversity of our products played an important role in accommodating the market expansion and customer needs. Our popular series — Seamless Aluminum Alloy Roof Panel, Rock Wool Composite Wall Panel, PU Roof and Wall Cold Storage Series (include mobile cold-storage), etc. are widely used by different clients in China.


Roof panel

The roof panel is manufactured in accordance with a patented system by China Wing. It consists of a profiled external  steel sheet and an internal micro-ribbed steel sheet, with an insulation core of high-density PU foam. The high-density PU  foam completely fills the space between the metal facings.







Wall Panel

China Wing wall panels are made of composite panels that are formed by two metal sheets and linked by a layer of insulating material – PU foam. Panels are manufactured in 1000 mm wide modules, their length depends on the specific design requirements and the feasibility of the manufacturing factory. China Wing panels are designed to provide a high-performance panel interface with high flexibility.It is widely used for industrial, commercial, warehouses and public buildings and it also can be used as the internal building partition. We offer reveals a width of 12.5mm and width with 800/900/1000mm to accommodate nearly any design requirements.




Industrial door

Industrial Sectional Overhead Doors is windproof, thermal insulated and sound insulated. The door implements low-power transmission technology and uses spring devices to achieve vertical or turning left along the wall. This system can help to save the energy. Apart from requiring little space on both sides, safety devices are installed to avoid accidents during daily operations. At emergency, the door can be controlled manually for evacuation. Users can control the door using light controls and remote controls.





Steel Structure

Steel structure, one of the major forms of building structures, is mainly composed of steel columns, steel trusses and other components made from steel and steel plates. All the components are assembled through welding or by bolts and rivets. Benefited from its relatively light weight, the construction procedure is simple and is therefore widely used in large factories, warehouses and high-rise buildings.





cold storage (1)

Cold – Storage Logistic Technology

China Wing Cold Room Panel could be insulated with PIR core, which is a fire-retardant insulation with Factory Mutual approval. It is ideal for cold storage warehouse, bakeries and other food processing facilities where there is a need to achieve better hygiene requirement, building installations and contents. The panels can be installed as exterior separation walls or as partition walls inside warehouses that contain multiple tenant-leased spaces.