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Wall Panel

China Wing wall panels are made of composite panels that are formed by two metal sheets linked by a layer of insulating material – rock wool. Panels are manufactured in 1000 mm wide modules, their length depends on the specific design requirement and feasibility of the manufacturing factory.

China Wing provides panels with different widths and reveals, allowing design freedom for exterior wall construction. It is widely used for industrial, commercial, warehouses and public buildings and it also can be used as the internal building partition. We offer reveals a width of 12.5mm and width with 800/900/1000mm to accommodate diverse design requirements.

China Wing’s wall panel solution is an environmentally friendly, strong and rigid protective cladding system providing superior thermal and acoustic properties and better resistance to fire spread. The panel uses Clean COLORBOND steel as the outer skin to ensure the building has everlasting beauty and maintenance free with the cleanable metal finish.

The high-quality CFC free polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam as insulation meets the requirement of better thermal efficiency; effective resistance to fire spread and preventing water condensation. Its specially designed, concealed joint enables speedy installation, offering excellent water and air tightness and ensuring the building has an uniform and aesthetically appealing finish.