​​BIM system

What is BIM?

Building information modeling (BIM)
BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.



How BIM work?

BIM is not just a three dimensional drawing tool but a new tool to holistically manage information relating to construction projects from planning stage, to design, construction and operational stages. It is a new way of working using new technology to facilitate project management and execution, better construction process control, cross-disciplinary collaboration, internal coordination, external communication, problem solving, decision making support, productivity management, and risk management. The best part about BIM is facilitating construction professionals to work together and communicate in one platform. 


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BIM Circle Flow

With BIM integration, communication between architects, construction service provider and the client is enhanced. The system turns an idea into reality, simulating the operation of the building and its maintenance. By utilizing Big Data management technology, typhoon, rainstorm and other extreme weather scenarios can be simulated in the designing stage. Structures designed with BIM will have a longer service life and save cost in the long term.

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BIM work together



China Wing Engineering Limited aims to become the first building material manufacturer company which complies with BIM system in Hong Kong. This allows clients to start working on project faster than before. China Wing Engineering Limited provides a one package service, starting from design to manufacture and construction with the incorporation of BIM system.

BIM brings together data and visualizations within a 3D model, which is used by the client, the end user and project team (design, construction and operations) to understand how a building will look and function, the construction process, what it will cost and how it will operate – before it is even built.

This valuable knowledge enables the client and the design team to make better decisions at an earlier stage. With computerised testing and problem identification, design models can be made close to perfect.

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One-Stop Service

China Wing Engineering Ltd. is setting up a Building Information Management (BIM) Big Data centre in Shenzhen. The centre will provide BIM design and construction support directly to the client.

BIM system allows China Wing to communicate directly with its clients. The 3D drawings will be checked periodically by the clients themselves throughout the design project, ensuring every fine details are well polished and up to the requirements. The components will then be manufactured accurately at our production plant according to computer drawings.

We will provide a ONE-STOP HASSLE-FREE FACTORY-DIRECT construction and consultant service. With the implementation of BIM in our workflow, cost, design and construction time will be greatly reduced, taking quality and efficiency to a higher standard.

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China Wing is staffed with experienced professionals who are passionate about the technology they have been working with over 20 years. Not only you can expect high quality standard products, you can also rest assured our customer service will provide excellent support.

Our product Megatec G3 Cladding systems were approved by Building Department of HKSAR and be categorized as non-combustible material after passing the fire test to BS 476 Part4:1970. China Wing is the one and only one supplier based in Hong Kong.

Building Information Modeling  (BIM) is increasingly seen as a critical development tool in the designing and buildings stage of a civil engineering project. Megatec G3 can now be compatible with BIM system. With BIM and the quality assured production line, China Wing will provide even more competitive products with the help of BIM.

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